Our Story

Since 2012

We purchased this 400 acre property in 2012, the cottage was run down and derelict and had not been lived in for more than 40 years, this at first was not a concern as we lived nearby and it was the land we primarily wanted. In 2020 when Covid put us all in lock down we had time on our hands to do something with this dilapidated cottage. Initially we thought it should be bulldozed until we found under the old iron roof the original shingled roof, and newspapers lining the walls with dates dating back to the early 1900’s and a name on some of the old timbers. We realized this cottage might have some history that needed to be researched. Bull dozing was now not an option. Searching Google, we found a Parish map dating back to 1860 showing the original purchase by a Gentleman of the name Edward Chandler, this being the name found on the timbers. With this information we were able to research further, and thanks to the Chandler family having good historical records we were able to glean more archival information which gave us inspiration to be custodians of this beautiful cottage, and not let it deteriorate any further, believing that this could be the only shingle roofed slab cottage still remaining in the district and also to preserve the Chandler history.

Sarah and Edward came to Australia by ship from England in 1839 where they met and became friends with John Jamison and Henry Parkes. Jamison who owned a vast estate called Rengentville at Mulgoa in the Nepean Region employed Edward as a shepard and agricultural worker, as was Henry Parkes, Sarah and Edward then leased land near Richmond, north of Penrith before then buying land at Mumbil near Wellington NSW, then in 1858 they purchased 650 acres of land at Shaw near Carcoar NSW, which they named Coombing Creek. Edward and his sons purchased more land adjoining Coombing Creek which included the property Springfeild of which we now call Chandlers Rest.

Now after 3 years of painstaking work, renovations are complete and we have opened it as accommodation for everyone to share this unique and quaint cottage which is steeped in heritage and history.